Just wanted to say hi!

Hello Lubos, and fellow armory users!

I have only just started subscribing after I heard about the Patreon troubles. I followed this project in the past, but I never really considered actually making a game. My interest was mostly in armorpaint, i thought that it would be super fun to have access to another way of texture painting inside blender, although I do really like painting inside substance painter. When I heard of the automatic refunds, I figured that perhaps now is when you will need it the most. The feeling must have been terrifying.

In reality 3d graphics are just a hobby of mine, and I am in love with sculpting things and rendering them with appleseed. Finally I am starting to get the hang of uv mapping and retopology. It takes a lot of my time to try to understand everything properly, and I’m not always sure how I justify it, but I must learn something small each day. Perhaps it is an obsession, or a hobby. Perhaps it’s both. I just wish I didn’t have to repeat everything so many times to remember them.

I hope I can learn how to make shitty mobile games with a great engine, or perhaps one day, decent games with a great engine.

All the best wishes to all of you, and I hope it will all work out for you Lubos. And a big respect to all people who makes us able to dream.


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Waiting for @lubos answer, welcome to the community!

I think that the “Blender” way to manage funds is the right way ( direct management using just a payment processor) like in the new Armory3d fund page:


It’s nice to know that the funding is through gumroad, and I imagine that a lot of us has used it before either way when it comes to blender addon. What a predicament for people relying on that company. I can’t imagine that it is a super easy situation for those with a giant user base to make a switch, although I sure as he’ll wouldn’t be able to sleep if it was me.