Keyboard on desktop ok, on laptop NONok

Did you experienced too that the Keyboard State or On Keyboard logic nodes are ok on a desktop, and nothing happens on a laptop (same Windows 10 on both) ?
(even if connecting an external keyboard on the laptop too or using the windows 10 virtual keyboard …)

Note that the Haxe keyboard = Input.getKeyboard(); is still working well

Not aware of this, sounds especially weird since Haxe keyboard is working ok. Is this krom-only issue or same for html5?

Yes the same on Krome or Html5

New : same problem when using the On Event with the name of an event coming from the Script Event in the Armory2D … going perfectly well on desktop only.

I use my laptop for everything and I haven’t had any problems. Sounds like it is specific to the computer.

@zicklag thanks for info.
It’s strange too as it’s a Lenovo Thinkpad, so a rather standard laptop.

I tried also using an external keyboard or the virtual windows 10 keyboard without sucess.

@Lubos have we a best way to investigate what are the real bytes coming from a keyboard in Armory ?

I’ve had no issues on my HP laptop. What version of Armory are you using @Didier? 0.6? Git?

0.6 with the blender 2.08b image

Any errors in the console?

nothing to declare :wink:

If you attach a Print node to a Keyboard node (like below), play and press the key, does it register in the console?


same thing using a clic on a button set in UI/Armory2D
and again same thing using external mouse.
I would like to set a low level haxe byte acquisition to verify what’s hapenning, and maybe Lubos has already done it, as generally it’s necessary to have one of this tool when you make test of portability on different platforms.

Check out kha.input.Keyboard.notify(). This will allow you to listen to all keyboard events that Kha is detecting.

Also have you tried doing a HashLink C export, building it, and testing that? That will help narrow it down to where the issue is coming from. If it is a problem of Kha not getting the Keyboard input at all, then debugging that will require debugging the C/C++ code in Kore and/or Krom. That is what actually gets the input bytes from the hardware.

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Thanks for info @zicklag , I will try that now I have some time to do more tests … but it is still an alert :bomb::eyes: that portability on a platform, even if it is so close between a desktop and a laptop under the same W10, does not work the first time