[KNOWN BUG] VR build "iron" error

VR build is not working for me, can you suggest correct VR build settings?

Hi. Could you please share the errors you’re getting.

Unrelated, what is this, “VR build,” you’re referring to? I do not believe Armory supports VR anymore, although Kha itself does still I believe.

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Hello paladin, thanks for reply.

there is a VR check box:


I’ll take a look at it later. Thanks.

Armory VR is pretty outdated (since legacy Armory and early Blender 2.8 days) and not exactly a recommended or stable/maintained feature anymore.

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Hello. It appears that my initial guess was correct, VR is currently not supported, at least, in Armory. (Kha may still actively support it.)

Feel free to bump the issue tracker and Lubos / the community may fix things faster.

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