Krom do not open on Mac Sonoma

I setup everything, but Krom do not open, because:

You Can’t Open the Application (App Name) Because It May Be Damaged or Incomplete

Any help to solve this?

Hello and welcome to the forum.

I’m not a macOS user, so I’m not sure if I’m able to fully help debug the problem you’re experiencing.

I have twos questions:

  1. You mentioned setting things up, but to clarify, you did set the filepath for the ARMSDK field in your Blender Preferences for the Armory3D add-on to the filepath of your local ARMSDK’s root folder?
  2. Are you sure you’ve provided enough file permissions to allow the opening of the Krom build for macOS?
    • Perhaps some anti-virus software is blocking the opening of the Krom build from Blender?

You can also display error messages on macOS by running Blender from the terminal. More information described here: troubleshooting · armory3d/armory Wiki · GitHub

It happens, when an app is not compatible with the OS version. But there is no big changes between the previous release adn Sonoma. IDK why is it happened.

I used “sudo xattr -cr *” in directory where the executables are that trigger the “damaged or incomplete” message. These now no longer appear. But on the Third Person template I get …

$ ./Blender 
Read prefs: "/Users/michaelzfreeman/Library/Application Support/Blender/3.6/config/userpref.blend"
Device with name Apple M1 supports metal minimum requirements
WARN (bgl): source/blender/python/generic/bgl.c:2662 BPyInit_bgl: 'bgl' imported without an OpenGL backend. Please update your add-ons to use the 'gpu' module. In Blender 4.0 'bgl' will be removed.
Running Armory SDK from /Users/michaelzfreeman/Downloads/armsdk/
2023-11-08 11:08:27.785 Blender[35445:1327903] WARNING: Secure coding is not enabled for restorable state! Enable secure coding by implementing NSApplicationDelegate.applicationSupportsSecureRestorableState: and returning YES.
Read blend: "/Users/michaelzfreeman/Downloads/armory_templates-master/third_person/third_person.blend"
Project updated to SDK v2023.11($Id: 605f7fc41105d90eab0d041640cd3d5ad3f305b6 $)
Project cleaned
Using CPU for environment render (might be slow). Enable CUDA if possible.
WARNING: Cube.031 users Cube.001 and Cube.002 differ in modifier stack - use Make Single User - Object & Data for now
/Users/michaelzfreeman/Downloads/armsdk/nodejs/node-osx /Users/michaelzfreeman/Downloads/armsdk/Kha/make krom --ffmpeg /opt/homebrew/bin/ffmpeg -g opengl --shaderversion 330 --parallelAssetConversion 4 --to build_third_person/debug --quiet
Error: Couldn't wait on
Finished in 9.814s
WARNING: 1 warning occurred during compilation
/Users/michaelzfreeman/Downloads/armsdk/Krom/ /Users/michaelzfreeman/Downloads/armory_templates-master/third_person/build_third_person/debug/krom /Users/michaelzfreeman/Downloads/armory_templates-master/third_person/build_third_person/debug/krom-resources
WARNING: Player exited code -10

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Blender 3.6.5 was massively buggy on MacOS ! 4.0 seems much more stable - see Blender Builds -