Krom of SDK-2023-3 does not work with Mac M1 Pro, will Krom be updated in next release?

As stated in the title.

Hi. As stated on the website: Mac and Linux are unfortunately in the unstable field when it comes to Armory. This is due to most of the community uses Windows and not any of the other operating systems, which makes it difficult for the development team to hunt down, debug, and fix bugs.

If you’re not already on the Armory Discord, please consider joining it. It makes communicating and collaboration much easier. If you prefer not to join, posting here or on GitHub is fine too.

To help kickstart the debugging process, please share any errors you get:

  • From your Blender System Console.
  • From your \armsdk\Krom\kinc.dmp - if it exists.
  • From your \armsdk\Krom\stderr.txt - if it exists.