Krom wont work - macos

Hey, i’m using blender for a long time and I wanted to try armory. When I first tested it out I ran into a lot of errors because macos doesnt want to open all of the aditional codes because it could not scan them on viruses. So I rightclick opened every program manualy, and now i get the following error messages:
WARNING: Object human - No action assigned, setting to pose
Scene exported in 2.948s
Finished in 17.926s
WARNING: 1 warning occurred during compilation
Could not load krom.js, aborting.

Nothing else happens, no window opens up or else what

When I run it in my browser instead of krom it works but how do i get it working in krom? And what is ment with setting to pose?
My english is pretty bad, hope you can understand me^^
Thanks a lot


This means that there is an armature object “human” and it does not have any animation data applied to it. So this armature is set to “default pose”. This is not much of an issue.

This seems to be the main issue. I believe this is due to macOS virus scanning automatically removing a file called “krom.js”. In this case, you might have to disable the virus scanning, but I am not aware of the consequences.

Hey, thanks a lot for the reply.
Yes i also thought it could be something like that. But in my project folder in build_game>debug>krom is the krom.js file still located. Do you have an idea how to disable the virus scanning on mac just to test it?

Sorry. I have never used a mac, so I don’t know how that can be done…

Maybe you could add krom application as a whitelisted application in your antivirus program, so it does not bother krom further? But this too, I have no idea how to do…

Hmm usually theres a window popping up, saying that its not safe to open … but nothing happens, so im not shure if its realy a virus scan. I also cant find any antivirus, black- or whitelist in my system settings, i belive there is no antivirus like on windows that delets files. Where should be krom.js usually located? Maybe its in the wrong folder, i can find multiple ones but i dont no anything about it, just wild guessing^^

Krom.js is usually located in <project_dir>/build_<project_name>/debug/krom/.

If it’s not the antivirus then it could help to get more information about the project. Does the error also happen with Blender’s default file?

Also can you please re-export the game with Properties Panel > Armory Project > Flags > Verbose Output enabled and share the full output of the console? You can paste it in this forum within three backticks ``` before and after the console text to make it more readable.

Tai Chi style: If HTML5 target works, you can still develop on Meck. To avoid getting “verappled” just use a LINUX Live CD/DVD for the Krom target. Considering the trouble on Meckos with krom, you will choose another target for that platform anyway.

OK there its located.

Yes its the same with the default file, or armory templates from other people.

For shure, but its a lot of text:

Blender: 2.93.8, Target: krom, GAPI: opengl
WARNING: Logic node tree and generated trait names differ! Node tree: "Layer move", trait: "Layermove"
Using CPU for environment render (might be slow). Enable CUDA if possible.
Saved: '/Users/Jasper/Desktop/Video/Blender/Projekte/Game/build_game/compiled/Assets/envmaps/env_World.jpg'
 Time: 00:00.09 (Saving: 00:00.01)

Exporting Scene
WARNING: Object human - No action assigned, setting to pose
Exporting armature action armorypose
WARNING: Object human.001 - No action assigned, setting to pose
Scene exported in 0.431s
Exported modules: audio, physics, ui
Shader flags: _Irr _Rad _Deferred _ShadowMap _CSM _SinglePoint _Brdf _SMAA _SSAO
Compositor flags: _CToneFilmic
Khafile flags: arm_deferred arm_csm rp_hdr rp_renderer=Deferred rp_shadowmap rp_shadowmap_cascade=1024 rp_shadowmap_cube=512 rp_background=World rp_render_to_texture rp_compositornodes rp_antialiasing=SMAA rp_supersampling=1 rp_ssgi=SSAO rp_translucency
Using project from /Users/Jasper/Desktop/Video/Blender/Projekte/Game
Running:  /Users/Jasper/Downloads/armsdk/nodejs/node-osx /Users/Jasper/Downloads/armsdk/Kha/make krom -g opengl --shaderversion 330 --parallelAssetConversion 4 --to build_game/debug
Using Kha (fatal: n, fatal: not a git repository: /Users/Jasper/Downloads/armsdk/Kha/../.git/modules/Kha) from /Users/Jasper/Downloads/armsdk/Kha
Creating Kha project.
Exporting asset 1 of 1 (ammo.wasm.js).
Exporting asset 1 of 1 (ammo.wasm.wasm).
Exporting asset 1 of 28 (Scene.arm).
Exporting asset 2 of 28 (env_World.jpg).
Exporting asset 3 of 28 (env_World_irradiance.arm).
Exporting asset 4 of 28 (env_World_radiance.jpg).
Exporting asset 5 of 28 (env_World_radiance_0.jpg).
Exporting asset 6 of 28 (env_World_radiance_1.jpg).
Exporting asset 7 of 28 (env_World_radiance_2.jpg).
Exporting asset 8 of 28 (env_World_radiance_3.jpg).
Exporting asset 9 of 28 (env_World_radiance_4.jpg).
Exporting asset 10 of 28 (env_World_radiance_5.jpg).
Exporting asset 11 of 28 (env_World_radiance_6.jpg).
Exporting asset 12 of 28 (env_World_radiance_7.jpg).
Exporting asset 13 of 28 (env_World_radiance_8.jpg).
Exporting asset 14 of 28 (env_World_radiance_9.jpg).
Exporting asset 15 of 28 (action_humanArmature.001_armorypose.arm).
Exporting asset 16 of 28 (action_humanArmature_armorypose.arm).
Exporting asset 17 of 28 (mesh_Cube.arm).
Exporting asset 18 of 28 (mesh_Cylinder.001.arm).
Exporting asset 19 of 28 (mesh_Cylinder.arm).
Exporting asset 20 of 28 (mesh_Plane.001.arm).
Exporting asset 21 of 28 (mesh_Plane.arm).
Exporting asset 22 of 28 (mesh_human.Low-PolyMesh.001.arm).
Exporting asset 23 of 28 (mesh_human.Low-PolyMesh.arm).
Exporting asset 24 of 28 (mesh_human.female1605Mesh.arm).
Exporting asset 25 of 28 (mesh_human.female_sportsuit01Mesh.arm).
Exporting asset 26 of 28 (mesh_human.ponytail01Mesh.arm).
Exporting asset 27 of 28 (mesh_human.shoes05Mesh.arm).
Exporting asset 28 of 28 (mesh_humanBodyMesh.arm).
Exporting asset 1 of 12 (Material_001_data.arm).
Exporting asset 2 of 12 (Material_002_data.arm).
Exporting asset 3 of 12 (Material_003_data.arm).
Exporting asset 4 of 12 (Material_data.arm).
Exporting asset 5 of 12 (World_World_data.arm).
Exporting asset 6 of 12 (armdefault_data.arm).
Exporting asset 7 of 12 (human_Low_Poly_data.arm).
Exporting asset 8 of 12 (human_body_data.arm).
Exporting asset 9 of 12 (human_female_sportsuit01_data.arm).
Exporting asset 10 of 12 (human_ponytail01_data.arm).
Exporting asset 11 of 12 (human_shoes05_data.arm).
Exporting asset 12 of 12 (shader_datas.arm).
Exporting asset 1 of 1 (female_sportsuit01_diffuse.png).
Exporting asset 1 of 1 (female_sportsuit01_normal.png).
Exporting asset 1 of 1 (shoes05_diffuse.png).
Exporting asset 1 of 1 (brown_eye.png).
Exporting asset 1 of 1 (ponytail01_diffuse.png).
Exporting asset 1 of 1 (young_lightskinned_female_diffuse2.png).
Exporting asset 1 of 1 (brdf.png).
Exporting asset 1 of 1 (noise256.png).
Exporting asset 1 of 1 (smaa_area.png).
Exporting asset 1 of 1 (smaa_search.png).
Exporting asset 1 of 1 (font_default.ttf).
Compiling shader 1 of 42 (Material_001_mesh.frag.glsl).
Compiling shader 2 of 42 (Material_002_mesh.frag.glsl).
Compiling shader 3 of 42 (Material_002_mesh.vert.glsl).
Compiling shader 4 of 42 (Material_003_mesh.frag.glsl).
Compiling shader 5 of 42 (Material_mesh.frag.glsl).
Compiling shader 6 of 42 (World_World.frag.glsl).
Compiling shader 7 of 42 (World_World.vert.glsl).
Compiling shader 8 of 42 (armdefault_mesh.frag.glsl).
Compiling shader 9 of 42 (armdefault_mesh.vert.glsl).
Compiling shader 10 of 42 (armdefault_shadowmap.frag.glsl).
Compiling shader 11 of 42 (armdefault_shadowmap.vert.glsl).
Compiling shader 12 of 42 (blur_edge_pass.frag.glsl).
Compiling shader 13 of 42 (compositor_pass.frag.glsl).
Compiling shader 14 of 42 (compositor_pass.vert.glsl).
Compiling shader 15 of 42 (deferred_light.frag.glsl).
Compiling shader 16 of 42 (human_Low_Poly_mesh.frag.glsl).
Compiling shader 17 of 42 (human_Low_Poly_shadowmap.frag.glsl).
Compiling shader 18 of 42 (human_Low_Poly_shadowmap.vert.glsl).
Compiling shader 19 of 42 (human_Low_Poly_translucent.frag.glsl).
Compiling shader 20 of 42 (human_Low_Poly_translucent.vert.glsl).
Compiling shader 21 of 42 (human_body_mesh.frag.glsl).
Compiling shader 22 of 42 (human_female_sportsuit01_mesh.frag.glsl).
Compiling shader 23 of 42 (human_female_sportsuit01_mesh.vert.glsl).
Compiling shader 24 of 42 (human_female_sportsuit01_translucent.frag.glsl).
Compiling shader 25 of 42 (human_female_sportsuit01_translucent.vert.glsl).
Compiling shader 26 of 42 (human_ponytail01_mesh.frag.glsl).
Compiling shader 27 of 42 (human_ponytail01_translucent.frag.glsl).
Compiling shader 28 of 42 (human_ponytail01_translucent.vert.glsl).
Compiling shader 29 of 42 (human_shoes05_mesh.frag.glsl).
Compiling shader 30 of 42 (human_shoes05_translucent.frag.glsl).
Compiling shader 31 of 42 (human_shoes05_translucent.vert.glsl).
Compiling shader 32 of 42 (pass.vert.glsl).
Compiling shader 33 of 42 (pass_copy.frag.glsl).
Compiling shader 34 of 42 (pass_viewray.vert.glsl).
Compiling shader 35 of 42 (smaa_blend_weight.frag.glsl).
Compiling shader 36 of 42 (smaa_blend_weight.vert.glsl).
Compiling shader 37 of 42 (smaa_edge_detect.frag.glsl).
Compiling shader 38 of 42 (smaa_edge_detect.vert.glsl).
Compiling shader 39 of 42 (smaa_neighborhood_blend.frag.glsl).
Compiling shader 40 of 42 (smaa_neighborhood_blend.vert.glsl).
Compiling shader 41 of 42 (ssao_pass.frag.glsl).
Compiling shader 42 of 42 (translucent_resolve.frag.glsl).
Compiling shader 1 of 3 (line.frag.glsl).
Compiling shader 2 of 3 (line.vert.glsl).
Compiling shader 3 of 3 (line_deferred.frag.glsl).
Compiling shader 1 of 8 (painter-colored.frag.glsl).
Compiling shader 2 of 8 (painter-colored.vert.glsl).
Compiling shader 3 of 8 (painter-image.frag.glsl).
Compiling shader 4 of 8 (painter-image.vert.glsl).
Compiling shader 5 of 8 (painter-text.frag.glsl).
Compiling shader 6 of 8 (painter-text.vert.glsl).
Compiling shader 7 of 8 (painter-video.frag.glsl).
Compiling shader 8 of 8 (painter-video.vert.glsl).
Finished in 3.906s
WARNING: 3 warnings occurred during compilation
Running:  /Users/Jasper/Downloads/armsdk/Krom/ /Users/Jasper/Desktop/Video/Blender/Projekte/Game/build_game/debug/krom /Users/Jasper/Desktop/Video/Blender/Projekte/Game/build_game/debug/krom-resources
Could not load krom.js, aborting.```

^^Yes i develop it on html5 at the moment, but i heared that html5 is not good for larger projects, correct me if i’m wrong with that. But in general it would be good to fix it, i guess. And linux from a live dvd is quite slow (my computer too, thats not a goot match^^), but maybe i can free some space to install a linux partition.

Try Antix for fast boot. If you have a dedicated gfx card you might want to install proprietary (Ndivia) drivers. For AMD FOSS drivers should work performance wise. Intel i dunno. Other OK Live Distros are MX-Linux, Endeavor and Manjaro…

Thanks! The console output seems ok so far, is the /Users/ path absolute on mac? So is Armorcore/Krom able to find krom.js from that directory if its path starts with /Users/ regardless of the current working directory?

Depending on how tech-savvy you are: if you want to compile Armorcore yourself and debug it, the code that raises the error is here: