Lack of real time editors

Clearly Armory is still in development and I am not assuming much on the final product. The current state of armory however does make me wonder how workflow will be improved as envisioned by the team.

Creating materials with the node editor is great, but without real time rendering of said materials it gets tedious to compile and run my file to see the result, especially when I want to tweak small things. Particles currently are limited but I foresee the same issues here. Without proper real time rendering in the tools , I feel, workflow will be limited. I honestly wouldn’t mind if we got something like . Being expressive in visualizing effects is important and it seems rather obscure how armory will achieve these things with blender.

Is there any insight in how blender 2.8 can help with these issues?

Perhaps Armory could get specific editors panels ?
Let’s say a material editor, when you press save or compile you see how the material will look, like Unreal 4 is doing.
And a particle editor small window preview is also needed to tweak particles in real times, this is a must needed feature.

A krom window would do just fine as long as I don’t have to close/rerun it every time. Krom does support hotswapping code so it should definitely be feasible. At least to my knowledge.

I’m not entirely sure how much can be done with the build in particle tooling blender provides, how much Lubos can add to make things work in the viewport. I don’t like the fact particles are bound to mesh/object data either. Having a separate object for it would be nice but I understand that these type of things should be set from Blender to close the gap between tools. But again I have a hard time wrapping my head around how Blenders tools can provide an expressive system for particles.

Like Unreal 4, it opens a new real time editing window when you edit materials or particles.
While you edit a particle in Blender , you could have a save and test button, click on it and the selected particle would be refresh and play again in the new real time window viewport.

Why don’t you create a request on GitHub ?
Forum is only discussion, any request must be submitted to Github.

Becauze it’s not a formal request. You’re cutting this conversation short, this is a discussion. Im hoping to get more info on where armory is heading in terms of tools and flexibility. I don’t know ehat Lubos has planned. Right now, as beta it might be, im hitting a lot of roadblocks. I want to keep using Armory3d, i just want some assurance that i dont end up with an unorthodox workflow that will be more crippling than helping.

Hi guys, I’d also like to know if there is any kind of plan to implement something like what @Sidar mentioned, since I can’t help but to sympathize with that pain, and today it got even more painful, since I spent most of the day tweaking shadows by means of “tweak, compile, render, close, tweak, compile, render, close, …” which is really tedious, and after that I stumbled upon this Godot video and I thought that I would kill to be able to do that kind of real-time tweaking in armory. Any clues anyone?

I don’t know if there has been anything yet, but I’ve seen this issue on GitHub that mentions GPU access in the python plugin that we could probably use for shader previews that use the same shaders that will be running in the game.

Also, I think it should be completely possible to get live-reload type functionality for a running game eventually, maybe even without a monumental amount of work. I’ve read the code that loads shaders and such and it seems like it should be possible get live reload if you had a way to communicate between Blender and the game while it is running. That would be really cool. :sunglasses:

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Exactly @zicklag. Imagine combining live-reload with the blender internal armory viewport (which seems to be gone now for some reason?). That would be a first-class experience for sure!

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One of the most striking things to me about Armory since I have found it, and continuing when I got further into the source code is how anything is possible with it. I think we will really be able to shape Armory to what we need and continue to improve it, and surprisingly easy at that. :smile:


That’s an inspiring attitude :slight_smile: