Last Man Fighting

Originally created in the vanilla Blender Game Engine (BGE), ported to Godot, PlayCanvas, and now Armory3D. Main forum thread:

Here’s first glimpses of LMF life in Armory:





Sniper (Scope)



  • (top-left corner) very laggy, but satisfying.


Game Source:

  1. Game controls in readme.
  2. Please read the known issues list:

Browser Demo Source:

  1. Browser demo has DrawFramerate.hx, DrawMinimap.hx, DrawScope.hx, and SystemExit.hx disabled (this prevents errors/lag in browser, for semi-clean showcasing).
  2. Render Path is disabled for optimal performance (feel free to enable at the cost of performance lag)

paladin it’s amazing…

how did you optimise like this? when i draw a cube my graphic card burning but same card don’t start fans in your game.

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Hello. Thank you for the kind words! Much appreciated.

I have an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 Ti Laptop GPU, so maybe I have different framerates than the ones you experience? I haven’t really done any optimization for the last demo releases, although I am for the next release.

If you’re running the demo in your browser, make sure you also enable GPU acceleration for your browser. Hm. Maybe I should include that as a banner cover. :thinking:

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I have an old laptop for low system tests. (Nvidia GT660). Your game can run in this machine without fans. But my games get lagging.

Some times i feel lag with my RTX 3060 (not Ti)

I need focising on optimization.

Do you test your games in the browser too? Or in desktop applications.

On browser. But testing on krom.

Firefox is better than other browsers on games. Opera can’t start games.