Lens and lut texture?

How to use these texture in armory ? where to place them ? Do i have to place them still in libraries folder at the root of the project ?

Check out this example (provided by @Naxela) :

There is a text box with instructions inside the .blend, hope that helps. The files should go into blend_root/Bundled folder.

Thanks, i miss this example. Armory goes too fast :slight_smile:

This page seems to be “missing”, Is there a new name for the Example?

If you are running on 0.6beta:

(I also edited the original link now.)

Is there any way to use .CUBE LUTs to colour grade an image? Or at least being able to use higher resolution LUT images? Since that format is only compatible with a certain number of web colours, and in the render the LUTs are normalized with either bi-cubic or linear. This means that only simple curves will be effective since the resolution is too low.

Sorry I think it’s only 512x512 as of now (you can see the original pull-request here).

I could begin looking into expanding the LUT features a bit once the manual colorgrading stuff have been implemented - Considering that .Cube files are just text-based lookup tables (https://wwwimages2.adobe.com/content/dam/acom/en/products/speedgrade/cc/pdfs/cube-lut-specification-1.0.pdf), it should be possible to somehow merge it together with the colorgrading system at some point - Especially since the current LUT system is only SDR, and HDR support would be nice.

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