Lens dust (texture)

Hi! In armory you can use lens texture to simulate dirt on the camera. When i try to make this it works not probably and when I try to check “lens flare” in the render settings it gives me an error. The texture does not affect with the sun or lamp.I hope someone canhelp me.

Hi there,
It’s a little difficult to understand your question. Are you saying that you’re having trouble getting lens texture and lens flare to work?

If that is correct, then what version of Blender / Armory are you using? Can you show a screenshot of your setup?

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Hey @Armored_Blob!!! I have two Question: Why the “lens flare” effect doesn’t work(for Blender 2.8 and 2.79).Question 2: My lenstexture doesnt affect with the lights. You can see that on thesecond picture. It doesn’t matter where I look the texture is still visible.

Would be helpfull, if you mentioned armory version instead of blender.

It doesn’t get affected by lighting because lens texture is just texture overlay on camera.


As BlackGoku mentions the lens texture is essentially just a texture now that is additively blended on top of the frame - I have been messing around with some changes to the lens texture shader to be luminance/alpha masked and I might make a git pull request once 0.6 is ready, if anyone is interested:



That looks great @Naxela! Please so submit those changes!

But any photographer or cinematographer worth his or her salt would never allow such a thing to happen on their watch!

“Lens flare” might happen if there is simply no way to shield the lens from sunlight … but, there almost always is. (In the occasional spaghetti-western, it is yet another “visual trope.”)