Light switch logic node

Is anyone could help me to do a light switcher logic node or tell me is that is actually doable or not. Iā€™m not familiar with logic node yet :frowning:

Thanks, cheers.

Are you familiar with a way of adding logic trees to objects? This tree will toggle the lamp visibility after pressing the e key. If the lamp is visible, it will make it invisible and vice versa.


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hey lubos, i just tried that node set up and attached it to the object and it didnt do anything.

Hey, can you share your blend file? Will take a look.

Ok, great i will try this, thanks lubos. I come back to you when i have a result ! :slight_smile:

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Lubos, i got it working, originally i had the node set up in a node tree called randomstuff, multiple objects have nodes in this tree.

when created a separate node tree just for the lamp it work.

question: is it good practice to have node trees for each object or can you bunddle multiple object nodes in to one tree?

Ok, it works nice ! What i want to achieve is to animate a light switch that toggle the lamp in the scene when the cursor mouse is above it. I guess i need a more complex node, maybe one node to control the animation of the light switch and another to toggle the lamp visibility ā€¦