Linked Collections are offset in Armory3D

me again. I noticed when I link collections in Blender everything looks fine at first. But as soon as I start the Game the object is at a different location. It looks to me the further it is away from the scenes origin the greater the offset gets. Has anybody recognized the same behaviour?

This doesn´t happen with linked objects.


Hi, I just tried a very simple example with a Cube and a Sphere. The Sphere was in a collection in a library blend file. I then linked this collection to a new blend file with a cube in it.

When I ran this example, I could not reproduce what you mentioned and the sphere is at the same location as in the blender viewport, regardless of where my sphere was in the library file.

Could you please share a small example where this issue happens. Please share the entire project as a .zip file with both library file and the main blend files. If the forum, does not allow you to upload that here, please put it in some drive and post the link here.

Hi, looks like Armory is behaving correctly. I tried to prepare an example but it´s always correct with the default starting file. Seems the error is inside my game file. I also recognized that a new cube in here is only 0.2m instead of 2m. Not sure what it is, all the unit settings are the same. Maybe this solves itself when I put everything in a new file. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Maybe it is caused by unapplied scaling? Or is this what you meant with “unit settings”?

Hi, unapplied scale was also my first guess. But I checked this. Not big deal the game file is just a big playground for testing things. I will just move the working stuff into another file and then I think the problem is gone. By units I mean the scene units. They are the same as in the default file. I recognized that also cameras and other stuff are smaller when created new, so is must be a Blender thing. But thanks for your thoughts.