Linux build complains about "" not existing

I’m really excited that Armory3D is finally out! I’m having trouble getting it to run on my machine, however… every time I start up the blender included in the 7zip file, it complains about “”. Has anybody else had this issue? If so, how did you get around it?

Thank you!

I suppose you should just install it on your package manager v8 or libv8-dev or whatever it is. If you are on a fedora system I see people online having to use a symlink because it is not being located correctly. If im not mistaken it is the javascript engine used in chrome? Maybe try to simply apt install chromium-browser which may resolve the library locations without extra work.

Thanks for the tip, bree, I’ll look into it. Perhaps, in the future, we could compile a list of dependencies for different OS’es in order to facilitate a more painless installation for new users? Just a thought!

Hm, is the file present in the blender dir alongside the binary? What distribution are you on?

HI, lubos! I’m currently running Debian “Buster” on my system.


Found it! Still isn’t running, though… what gives? Does the included blender not know how to find it?