LiquidFX - a simple water shader for Armory

Hi there,

I’ve just started developing a simple water shader that will work with Armory3D. It is really for smaller bodies of water or liquid and works differently to the main Ocean shader.

You can download it here:
LiquidFX(1.5) March 2019

or alternatively from GitHub:

Let me know of any problems.


Looking nice! Have you experimented to see what it looks like with the ripples smaller?

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You can easily change the size of the ripples by increasing the Scale value on the LiquidFX node.

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Hey that looks pretty nice! Do you mind uploading it to GitHub ( I can’t get to Dropbox, and it might be a good idea just for discoverability anyway )?

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The latest version 1.1 is now on GitHub.


Thanks so much for sharing, completely in love with it. :smiley: Translucent thingies do not interact with SSR yet, could do something about that eventually.


Very cool thank you.
Can you add splash to water and maybe foam for ocean ?

I’ve just uploaded an update to the repository:

I’ve added a directional flow-rate controller.



I’ve uploaded Version 1.3 of LiquidFX (see above for the latest links)
This update adds a sub-surface refraction effect and a ‘lava’ example.



LiquidFX version (1.5) March 2019 is available for download. See top post for the links.

- added a simple flipbook node for animated normal maps.
- created a 'rain drops on a wet road' effect
- created a waterfall effect
- added masking to restrict areas where refraction occurs
- added a toxic waste texture

26th March 2019
MIT License


That looks cool! Good job @sigm7zero.

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Looks great! That flipbook node will surely be useful well outside of water simulation, too…

Looks really interesting, but anyone who uses this might want to play with the gloss of volumes near the water, or the effect is lost.

Liquid fx isnt working with latest sdk

Currently investigating…

Do you found the problem ?

The particle system is throwing out errors, preventing the renderer from starting.

The main ‘LiquidFX’ shader still works, but you have to either ‘Ammend’ it to a new project, or delete the waterfall (including the particle emitter) from the scene.

I’m working on a new update for LiquidFX, but Lupos will have to integrate some changes to the Armory particle system.