List of supported nodes?

Hi, I was wondering if anyone had a list of the supported material nodes in armory, cuz i need to know what materials will show up.


Should have started this document long time ago… It’s now up at:

Beware, there may still be issues even with listed nodes, however happy to take bug reports and further tighten things up.

BSDF_PRINCIPLED to be included in Build 12 which will be based on b2.79.:slight_smile:


Do you ever plan on adding support for bump maps?
I also saw that on the emission node, it says that “voxel gi” is required. what is Voxel GI, and how do I get it?

You must enable it from camera

heh. turns out my computer is too old for that, anyway.:expressionless:

In case you still want an explanation :slight_smile:
Voxel GI is a realtime Global Illumination technique that simulates multiple light bounces and makes lighting appear more realistic.

For example, say you have a light bulb, with direct lighting, the light will travel and hit whatever object you have and stop. Using the GI approach, we can simulate how real light works and make the light bounce off as many times as specified or otherwise until there is no energy left. Voxel GI is just a technique to make it work for realtime environments, but it is still requires a somewhat decent GPU to be usable.

In case my explanation was too vague, take a look at this:

Alright. Does Armory support bump maps?

Look at the manual… there is a displacement channel on material node so the answer is yes.

hmmm… it says that particle info kinda works, but what about the hair info node?

Hair Info not there yet, but will investigate. Created a new issue. The particles itself also need more work.