"littlekingdom" made with armory3d 2022.11+blender3d 3.3 lts

you can download the demo and the codesource(logicnodes) on catchmagic3d.com


Hi. Great work!

Might I suggest having online hosted demos so that people can play your game in a browser before downloading the local, desktop versions? That way people can preview your game before they download. (People tend to like to know what they’re actually downloading due to average curiosity and security reasons.)

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hello sorry for my bad English, I have been trying for several weeks an html version for my website. I hope it will be ready soon.


I can’t download the demo for some reason but the most intriguing thing is that despite the being only a few hundred or so active Armory 3D users, we are both in France and both in the same department (I’m in Confolens, south-west of you). Small world :laughing:

the latest version of windows blocks the download of the file automatically, I will try an online version.