Load_screen How to change the fill color

Now understand with example “load_screen”. https://github.com/armory3d/armory_examples/tree/master/load_screen
I’m not good at programming.
What line to register change of fill color in the file(/load_screen/Sources/arm/LoadingScreen.hx)?
Tell me, please.

You can change color of bar here:

You can change it to:

static inline var barColor = kha.Color.fromBytes(r, g, b, a);

where r, g, b are Int between 0 - 255

Thanks BlackGoku36
I can change the color of the bar. I want to change the color of the background. From black, say, to blue.
This test page has already shown on the forum. http://sib-bit.com/arm/test/

Ah ok, then you do it same here:

change it to:

g.color = kha.Color.fromBytes(r, g, b, a);
g.color = kha.Color.fromBytes(0, 0, 255, 1);//In this case, do it like this
//where r, g, b are Int between 0 - 255

If I change in this place, the color of the picture changes. Now the code says so.

// Draw loaded image
		if (bunny != null) {
			g.color = 0xff00CDFF;

Original picture black and white