Loading external 3D assets during execution

I’m wondering how viable Armory is for making webgl product configurators. First big question I can’t seem to find answer is whether it is possible to load (and unload) 3D assets on demand. I’m not sure what format I should use or how to prepare these assets.

Thank you in advance!

Start here: https://github.com/armory3d/armory/wiki/setup
Download and try them out, change stuff to learn: https://github.com/armory3d/armory_examples

Answering your specific question:

I would suggest to work through the examples and simultaneously read through the docs. I am also working in that direction as Product configurators are one of the easiest tasks for Armory3D and being able to generate all necessary files for publishing with a press on F5 lets you work with trial and error methods. Closely related to Archviz you also might want to check out Naxela´s example files.

Thank you, that helps a lot.
Do you have any tips for gltf support? So far I found:

and https://github.com/armory3d/armorbase/tree/main/Sources/arm/format for fbx
I suppose there’s no chance for high level animation access of imported assets.

In Armory3D or Kha? What are you referring to…? I tried animations in Armory3D, they can be nicely controlled with events. Very clear, no Spaghetti nodes. I was using Koui menus as front end and passed the names of the animations to Armory3D as events. Concerning your Kha question, IMHO learn to use Armory and nodes first, else you need to know Haxe quite well. GLTF i load with Blender3D, no streaming necessary for me.

See video file for animation choosing. Remove .hx to play. alpaca_ani.mkv.hx (3.0 MB)

If I manage to create iron.object.Object with animations, then it’s gonna be fine…

As I said, I need to load files on demand and they can’t be shipped within the package, so I can’t load them with Blender.

You can take a look at how ArmorPaint loads its files

Another GLTF loader this time for Kha. Might be of help.

GLTF loader Kha

Thanks for help. I was able to load mesh from glb (no animation yet) but I have troubles creating materials (and linking textures). I can’t find any examples of material creation. None of the mesh generation/obj loading examples covered that.