Logic Nodes saving initial state for reset events

How do I store values given from an objects location GetLocation with a one off? Like OnInit. So if I reset an objects position back in it’s original position I don’t have to set static Vector values in the node editor.

@tomoprime maybe the setproperty node is the simplest solution to use.

Unsure how that is wired. Is there a Logic Node Manual?

Just found a reference

You can edit the code of the node from the node editor and you will see what it is made of …

Thanks clicking the Open Node Source button is very useful.

I see how it works now. You create key value pair for each property tied to an object.

So Set Property uses a Property label like myLocation with a Value of Get Location with an In linked to On Init to save initial Location state.

Then Get Property retrieves this saved state by matching Property label myLocation. It’s Value goes to the Object’s Location I want to reset.

Both Get Property and Set Property must use the same Object to access the internal properties Map.

My example hitting the space bar resets to a saved position