Look at Point or Track to Constraint?

Just trying out some prototyping in Armory, and I can’t seem to figure out how to make a object rotate towards a point.

Best example of what I am trying to achieve is the “Track To” constraint in Blender.

Tried this, but doesn’t seem to work. Any solutions?


Here something I am working on it glitches a little when Y is close to 0 and is only 2D but I will figure 3D out this week. Very lucky that I have this stuff at school right now.

And yes @lubos some constraints would be very nice to have working in Armory

Took a look at your solution and I can see it doesn’t quite work. I can agree, would be nice to see constraints added as a feature.

Really about time to get this done, adding constraints to the next build targets. Related issue.


Bought a copy from itch.io to support you. Thank you for creating this engine. I hope more people join the development with time.