Maj doc manual for the version

If you meet like me a problem with this version and your own nodes like

Before inserting your (tested with the same as the one in the manual )


the problem is that the bl_icon = ‘GAME’ is no more accepted
(see Manual doc example here )… replace it with ‘QUESTION’ for example.

@Lubos , maybe manual doc is to be updated or a set GAME accepted again in this new temporary version ?
and maybe in the doc the list of accepted bl_icon :wink:

Yeah bl_icon = 'GAME' was removed in Blender 2.8. :frowning_face: Updating the whole manual for Blender 2.8. Examples are already updated so this may also help:


Thanks Lubos
And is there a way to find the list of authorized bl_icon ?

Actually QUESTION, CURVE_PATH, DECORATE and SOUND seem to be used …

The list of all defined icons can be found here (although no previews there):


There is an “Icon Viewer” plugin for Blender that gives you a preview of all of them and their names if you click on them. It comes with blender and just has to be enabled.



If it can help you, the actual modifications I made to get my nodes going well again on this new Armory version:
1/ bl_icon = ‘GAME’ replaced by ‘QUESTION’
2/ run outputs becomes run output
3/ run() becomes run(from:Int)

@lubos the node On Render seems with no existing code ?

I am not aware of On Render node, where to find it? Or is it a request to add it?

Houps, you are true it’s one of my node … must see myself what’s going wrong with it now !

For info too, some object relations, not all in the same armature (“Parent” to armature and “Parent Type” Bone ), seems to desapear when opening a project made in Armory 0.5 with this 0.6.

little new remark that can help you too : after copying an existing .hx file into the Sources/arm folder of the new project in Armory 0.6, I don’t see it into the Class of “Armory Traits” . After creating a new trait Haxe like here with a TestTrait
like in this picture image
, it’s then ok. I see now the copied .hx traits again in the Class and thus I can reuse the existing .hx into this new project in Armory 0.6/Blender 8.0b

If we are on the same page then you can also hit the Refresh button in the Armory Traits panel to retrieve copied files. :slight_smile:

Thanks Lubos. Thus perhaps a remark only valid in my case and which will not happen again for other users.

For info as you could meet this need to modify too, my node On Render was deprecated due to that notifyOnRender(render) is deprecated now in kha.
You must think to use System.notifyOnFrames now.