Make an object following the player

Hi guys,

I working with the First-Person template and I have a question. How can I make a cube follow the player in the game? I take a look at the navmesh example but I cant
make the cube follow the player in the First-Person template.
The cube wont move. Is there a solution with a node tree?

I tried this: Settup

The object isn’t selected automatically when the object input is left empty, you have to set it to your other object.

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Thanks for your answer,
but if I select the Cube object in the input
the cube still wont move.

EDIT: It works when I use “Set Location”. But this is not the movement I looking for. It seems like all the Navmesh nodes dont work.

Does the cube have physics applied? if so check the dynamic setting and make sure its off. I seem to remember that stopping being an issue for something I did. Not positive but something to check.