Manuel bastioni lab & armory

Has anyone tried to use characters from Manuel bastioni lab. If so did your project work when you hit the play button for armory.

Hello @lostchao11,

Did not know about the Manuel Bastion Lab, what a great add-on!

I have been working on further improvements to the animation system - add-on generated poses should work properly with Armory in the upcoming Build 10.

With that said, materials are currently still tad bit complex (need to finally hook up the Subsurface Scattering node, shaders are already there…). I cleared the materials and just went with simple glossy node for testing.

Although I find its cool that someone is doing something like that for Blender, the deformations are terrible (just look at those shoulders) and the anatomy is quite a bit off on all those models. I did try Manuel Bastion Lab, for a quick character its great, but if your aim is for realism, well, its simply doesn’t cut it. Its a good base mesh to sculpt off of for anybody new at it however, I wouldn’t use that for any project other then for quick testers, poses, or even as simple dummies to quickly block a project.

Going off-topic but no complains on my side, good test material for sharpening Armory. Looks like the add-on is in active development too. Is there any ‘better’ free alternative?

That’s awesome to hear man i love what your doing man keep up the good. Can’t wait for build 10. :slight_smile: Also the deformation are going to be fixed in 1.5 which should be out fairly soon.

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Looks like 1.5.0 is out. :slight_smile:

Lol was just coming here to let you know. :grinning:
Looking like the skin shader is a little simpler now might be easier to get it working.

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I use it actively since the first release.
There is no better free alternative :slight_smile:
There was Make Human, Manuel was one of the original developers, but this is looking way better and it is way better integrated with Blender.


can we use for material ssss?

Sorry, did not make it into Build 10 with SSSS, I hope the next one.

I used every time for my projects Make Human Mhx2 importer it is good but in Armory its buggy and the shaders and animations take a many while to compile , or i am new and i didnt know to use the engine well but if i dont compile character didnt show in Kha standalone and viewport too.

The other day, I posted an issue regarding make human importer. Lubos had a simple (although preliminary - I think) fix for it. Take at look, maybe it helps in your case: .

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Can you also try again using the newly released v0.1? Animation export should be much faster now.