"Martins Upitis" is back!

For those who even build games with bge still know Martins Upitis. He is one of the… He is the best programmer known on this subject for GLSL-Filters and general logic in bge. Now he is active on his youtube-channel again. Check out his videos:). In addition you can support him as well on patreon.


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Wow these screenshots are amazing! Are these from armory or something else?

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From the Blender Game Engine :slight_smile:
But only looks so amazing, due to Upitis’ programming skills…!

Haha, OK. :slight_smile:

BGE has never been a good enough game engine.
Instead Armory 3D that put lot of work on performance and usability with strong publishing feature.
There is thousand of graphic engines showcases on internet, that doesn’t mean they will become a fully fledged 3D engine with a great editor and a great performance.

He’s always made some tremendously nice shaders - I think I read somewhere in his video comments that he was slowly moving over to experimenting with Armory and Godot too.

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Is there also such a difference via Armory 3D?

I am back!

Sorry, could not resist. I was browsing Armory forums and found this thread :slight_smile: thanks the_beginner, sometimes I need some additional external boost to publish my work.
Now that BGE is discontinued, I am now migrating to Godot, but soon I`ll be looking into Armory as well.


Great news ! Your exponential height fog shader is awesome ! needed in Armory :wink:

No, that difference shouldn’t be there in Armory as it uses Kha which nicely handles graphics APIs and supports DirectX (the cancerous API that makes Windows applications run better than Linux one running OpenGL and is too widespread and is killing Linux markets and just annoying me every single second of my life). Armory applications should run very similarily on Linux and Windows. There could be differences. I don’t know if Linux version uses Vulkan yet. If it’s still mostly bound to OpenGL, than the weaker platform will have better running Armory games than Linux.

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