Material and custom shader on same object

Can I do this? Looks like not!

this is a very rare feature in most game engines, and would probably take a lot of time to implement in armory… so don’t expect this anytime soon.

Technically Armory is based on Kha framework, so as it isn’t hard to do it there, should not be also for Armory.

actually just noticed… unity and unreal both have this, maybe it’s not hard after all? there is no purpose to do this tho, since they’re both shaders.

Purpose is when u want to add some BPR material shader, and remix it in second pass with Your own.

I could of course Copy paste Armory BPR shader, and edit / add lines and this would be more efficient in terms of performance. But it’s kind of ‘meeeeeh’ in same time :))))

image well, I know it’s not easy being meh, but it’s the only way until some time…:grinning: (i suck at humour.)

Yeah… yeah… true true