Materials: Making a Blender Cycles scene match in Krom

I was following a simple blender tutorial on line which renders well inside blenders cycles. When I build to Krom the scene doesn’t look right. Do you have any pointers on how to implement blender made assets inside Armory? I tried looking at some armory examples and loaded up the material_vault but it runs impossibly slow on low settings for my Macbook Pro Retina (intel iris) I fear PBR is just too much for my machine.

Above is testing in Blender 7.9 with Armory 4b. Will my mileage vary on using Blender 2.8 with Player Viewport?

What exactly doesn’t look right. Armory “translates” materials from cycles to glsl so they are not exactly the same. Also, you will need to play with lighting setting (mostly the strength) to get what you need. Also the world background can make a big difference. I hope that helps a little.

I don’t have anything for World background it’s set Black with 3 area lights in the scene. When run in Krom Shadows are hard and inaccurate like Blenders Internal Render. Everything is super bright. Color accuracy is off. ParticleSystem is non existent. 40% of the upper right corner of the screen camera get’s cropped or turns black.