Modifiers not working in Armory3D

Noticed a very weird issue. Whilst trying to build a basic test house, I noticed that whenever i used boolean modifiers for making windows and doors, the modifiers responded absolutely weirdly.

Take a look at the screenshots above!
In the first image, we have two proper windows made with a cube (Solid Render).
However, in the second one, One window is completely absent and the other looks like a weird quadrilateral (Armory Render). {Will post in the comments since new users are only allowed to post one image}
NOTE: I have applied the modifiers.

Do modifiers even work in Armory?

Second image

Yes, modifiers should be automatically applied on export - Although models aren’t automatically triangulated on export. - Can you try to see if it works if you add the “Triangulate” modifier?

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Applying the modifiers would be much simpler and cause less of a headache. I know keeping the modifiers allows for easier customization later if you need to change something, but is there any other reason to leave the modifiers enabled in-game? I’d just create the windows and apply the modifier. You can also adjust the size of the windows later by scaling the vertices.


I did a video on this. Using the triangulate modifier works great. I had done some models with HardOps and Boxcutter and had the same issue. I don’t think any game engine deals with Ngons so you need to get the model to quads or tris for them to work in the game engine.


If you can’t get it to work with the modifiers un-applied, then, yeah, go ahead and apply them, but for the most part Armory automatically applies them immediately prior to exporting and running the game so you should still be good under most circumstances or else it might a bug.