More eyes may potentially be on this project very soon!

Hey Lubos, I’m looking to get a chance to talk about Armory for you during this years Global Game Jam. I’ve been following your project for a while and I really want to see a project like this succeed! Is the description of “a rendering engine written in Haxe that can be embedded into the Blender viewport while working natively with Blender’s file format data” a good enough description?

I doubt that the rendering engine is written in Haxe but the runtime scripting language/api is Haxe.

Anybody feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, thanks.

Hi formless,

So cool to read this, appreciate all the help! Sounds pretty good.

There are several languages involved depending on target platform but mentioning Haxe as a core is sufficient. Working hard to actually make Armory more capable in terms of game logic & scripting now.

PS: How did the GGJ go? What tools are you using currently?

Ahh, it turned out that not as many people were watching as I thought they were. I was excited.

@lubos I use Love2d, but I’ve heard many great things about Godot from others who even come from the more engineering style background. When you have the time in the future I really recommend checking out Godot’s architecture for handling game logic and version control.

Yeah, Godot’s pretty awesome, however the current stable builds 3D renderer is rather limiting(gles2). Version 3 is going to get the new gles3 renderer though I suspect it will not be quite as powerful as Armory’s once Armory is finally mature and stable.

The way I see it I’m likely going to be using Armory when targeting any PC operating systems and possibly Godot when targeting multiple HW platforms(i.e. mobile, consoles).