Motion blur not working?

I tried everything but I cannot make it work. Any tutorial or suggestion?

Argh, it was a bug, sorry. Fixed in git now.


Hi Lubos, I tried version 14a and it seems like the problem still persist or maybe I’m doing something wrong. I tried to animate the camera with some keyframes as well as a cube and set the motion blur to camera and object and I get no blur at all. Even trying to increase the motion blur value I don’t see any result.

Could you please provide a demo scene of this feature working?


It’s only in git as of now, but I added a new doc on the updater, so you can get the latest one if you wish to experiment:

Let me know if that works. Will be also included in the next (v0.1) build.

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Looks like it works fine. THanks Lubos. Awesome job.