Multi-user workflow

any idea for collaboration ?

Most of my time during the rest of 2017 is going towards building my portfolio for college so…unlikely. Also, did you know that game design is generally considered a STEM field? Anyways, this should go in off-topic.

Hello, moved to off-topic.
Armory is integrated in Blender and for now Blender does not support multiuser editing.

For collaborative purpose maybe you could use a shared folder with a cloud solution.

Linking, just like any other Blender group projects. For animations and BGE, linking works like a charm. You can have a model in a .blend, the rig in another, the animations in another, environments, etc…

You can even link a file that contains links :wink: Should work with Armory (haven’t tested it) but if not, this is what should be worked on to make that possible.

how can you work with link if people is away from you ?

The simple way is to use a shared folder in dropbox or google for example. You make a change and all users receive it.


Yup, pretty much, I use both GDrive and Dropbox for collaborative projects. Also works with storage clouds and other similar sharing file structures.

You first need to establish who works in what .blend file so that way no two people work on the same file, but all of those files can be linked from one another pretty easily.

As soon as you save your working files and it gets updated on GDrive/Dropbox.etc… the others save & reopen their files, the link automatically updates.

This also works well when working alone on a project, I find It keeps the project structured and easier to work with as well as smaller file size to work with since it sources the models, materials, textures, armatures, animations, lights, cameras, groups, particles, etc…

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