Multiple uv sets

I’m looking for a paint package which supports multiple uv sets. I’ve tried 3dcoat, substance, zbrush and mudbox but so far nothing works. They have all seem to have gone down the udim route.

I was hoping that, being that Armorpaint is more game orientated, it might support multiple UV sets. The sort of thing you’d access in a shader with…

            float4 uv : TEXCOORD0;
            float4 uv1 : TEXCOORD1;

But so far I’m not seeing it.
In maya or blender I can prepare multiple uv sets which means each vertex on the mesh can have multiple uvs/projections. This is very handy for technical art.
Is it possible to select to paint on a particular uv set if a mesh has been exported with them from Maya/Blender etc?

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I never used Armorpaint and maybe I got your question wrong but probably it is like in Blender shader editor to change the UV:

Not really! There is UV Map node, but you cannot choose UV set/channel, so you are stucked with 1st channel.

Well, well, my first contribution in this forum. I can confirm Jakubs observation. Two added UVs in addition to the regular one force an error. Seems only one extra UV is supported. But we are talking about Armory3d, arent we?! Screenshot 2021-11-23 210715|535x181