Multiple uv sets

I’m looking for a paint package which supports multiple uv sets. I’ve tried 3dcoat, substance, zbrush and mudbox but so far nothing works. They have all seem to have gone down the udim route.

I was hoping that, being that Armorpaint is more game orientated, it might support multiple UV sets. The sort of thing you’d access in a shader with…

            float4 uv : TEXCOORD0;
            float4 uv1 : TEXCOORD1;

But so far I’m not seeing it.
In maya or blender I can prepare multiple uv sets which means each vertex on the mesh can have multiple uvs/projections. This is very handy for technical art.
Is it possible to select to paint on a particular uv set if a mesh has been exported with them from Maya/Blender etc?

I never used Armorpaint and maybe I got your question wrong but probably it is like in Blender shader editor to change the UV: