Must my project be coded in Python?

When I code my project, Blender makes you use Python. Does Armory let you use Java/C++/other? I’m interested in parallel programming.

As a usual user I know that you can code in Haxe, Js/JavaScript, bundled script(what I dont understand it seems like just presets) and logic nodes. Especialy logic nodes are incredible easy to understand imo. But I dont think you can use phyton. But keep in mind, everything is constantly changing so this might be different soon too.

I Google searched JavaScript. The link below has libraries for parallel computing:

So, lubos should add this?

Hey lubos, would my Blender 2.79 python code run in Armory?

Hi @AI_Robot, can you be more specific about the python code you have in mind? Right now Armory is 2.78, but migrating to 2.79 in upcoming build.

If I have any sort of python code written in either Blender 2.78 or 2.79, would it run in Armory? Armory might not use/run python.

If I make a game in the original BGE, with python, will the python code work in Armory? And will the objects etc work in Armory? What about in the future?