My gamepad cannot work in armory

Hi, I have used gamepad node in logic node but it cannot detect any buttons I pressed in armory.
I am sure my gamepad is work in my Windows so is it a bug of armory or am I missing some settings to make the gamepad work?

Thank you.

Hello, my Xbox 360 Gamepad works very well.

so does it mean that armory only support xbox 360 game pad?

Heyo, PS4 / xbox one gamepads should work as well. What gamepad are you testing on? Which Windows version? Both Krom and browser targets are not working?

a simple usb gamepad.
Windows 7 and both Krom and browser not working.

Is it working on something like That should be the same like our browser target.

It is working on the

Weird. Tanks tutorial is not working for you using gamepad either, right? I will try to get a hold of some other usb gamepad and hopefully I can reproduce and fix.

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