My Star wars FPS practice

Hi,I’m very happy with Armory3D,especially for it’s integrated with Blender3D without steps of export and import to see the results,very close to WSWYG,the logic nodes suit for hobbyists like me,although there are still some issues like collision accuracy,flip after jump to work out for me,truth is I took about a month to learn and make a prototype FPS game pure with logic nodes,explored how to control camera,character animation,orient to object and translate(logic nodes to mimic nav mesh),bullet and hit point normal,looks like essential elements for FPS game works mostly except for some tricks I’v not mastered yet,hope I can work it out at last,anyway the html5 practice result link ishere,I think the file size seems much smaller than those made with Unreal Engine or Unity,the loading speed also is fine to me,or I should say it’s fast or I already have cache,but it seems load very fast in other PCs,it’s amazing!:

*animation: mixamo
*models: sketchfab
stormtroops by jettaroni10
scout trooper by Leonardo Benavides
background retrieve from airpano
WSAD to walk ,mouse to look ,left mouse to shoot,space to jump(not done yet)
click here to run in fullscreen

I would like to add a wish list to Armory team to have some editing function like short cut for nodes,for example a variable that can be an instance icon to link without directly line linkage to the original one but shows when on mouse over,that will be a more comfortable and neat visual editing design just like Quest3D did for its node tree,that was a nice editing design.
Thanks to Armory3D team!


makes my cpu fan cry x)

Really? My 8 years old Asus laptop runs it smoothly,the cpu fan cries only when I do the publish,and whole output page shows within 1.5 sec at school,I think Armory3D seems made a huge progress to boost up the loading speed and optimize structure and file size compares to last version,the origin detailed models from sketch fab load swiftly,I didn’t even shrink the mesh count,I have to say Armory3D rocks!

yeah, but i’m an Ayatollah of the 60fps holly barrier x) But well, it’s a web-game