Need a start kick

Hi Lubos.
Two questions.

  1. One trait attached to camera with:

    I wish just return object name after ray hit. Againts camera is simple plane with passive rigid body…
    Returns allways “camera”.

2 Can you describe in simple words how to use correctly navMesh and NavAgent with nodes?
I’ve attached bundled navmesh to one plane and navAgent to simple cube and can’t further. Don’t understand how works “Go To Location”…


  1. Not sure if this is exactly what you need, there is a simple picking example in:

Pick Object node should suffice if you just want to cast rays from mouse. I will add example on the Cast Physics Ray node, think there is none right now…

2 - You are probably already aware of the navmesh scene (, I will do a writeup properly explaining what is going on there and how to set it up from scratch…


  1. Many thanks. It works.

2 Yes. I know about examples but sadly they don’t load, as reported. Sorry. :pensive:
Will wait impatiently for your tut.

Ah, I see. Regarding the trouble loading some examples, I can not get to reproduce it for some reason. I added a safety check for upcoming build which may help, but not sure.:confused: Do other examples load for you? Is it broken in both bundled and standard Blender?

Few examples work. For example it works with animation.blend
Tested just in bundled Blender.

Hi. Lubos.
I still can’t repeat your navmesh example with build 13.
Play your example - works
Try to make the same - it doesn’t
What do i make wrong?
my blend -

Ok. It’s clarified.
I used “Mouse” input node instead of “On Mouse” input node.
The first one seems to not return anything.

Looking for the explanation too. I can’t find how to generate the nav_Plane.arm navmesh asset.

Whooops, turns out I find out the way to replicate it from scratch. I will slightly document it here:

  1. Create a node tree as in the navmesh example. Name it as NavigationTree just like the example.
  2. Create a plane. Add rigid body to it (so that pick location will work). Add bundled script “NavMesh” to it.
  3. Create a cube. Add bundle script “NavAgent” to it. Add logical node “NavigationTree” to it.

And the cube should move as you click on the plane.