Need Help to learn coding

@lubos @Simonrazer @Didier and armory community, i would like to learn coding to have more control over my work with armory, especially to create shaders, renderpath etc … as i’m only visual artist and i don’t know anything about coding, syntax etc i need help to start learning. What do i need to learn C? C#? C++, haxe and Kha ? Any help to begin would be appreciate :slight_smile:

Maybe you can start with the Armory logic nodes to first learn logic concepts.
Use/test Armory examples and start making some modifications to learn how to use some of those logic nodes.

Then if you clic N to open the right panel in Armory / Logic node tree, clic on the Open Node Source button and thus start reading the Haxe code that match with the selected logic node.

Then I think you will be ready for more fun :slight_smile: to create your own logic nodes !

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For coding in Armory you only need to know about Haxe if you don’t want to to quite advanced stuff. GamesFromScratch has a bit of Armory-Haxe tutorial, Jayanam has some on Character controllers and animations, but I think the best tutorials for complete coding beginners are from Kento Techno who makes a little space shooter.

I for myself learned the syntax and stuff as I went, and the best resource for the commands you can use are the logic nodes. They are driven by Haxe scripts which you can see by pressing the “Open Node Source” button in the Node editors “N”-panel.

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Ok, thanks i will try this

Ok, thanks for reply so quickly i will explore this too

Good luck @mistajuliax I can half way do python in Blender ,but can’t even begin to figure out Haxe ,even looking at the examples.

Sometimes, it may help to look over the edge. You don´t need to code all by yourself but if you are using code, made by others, you need to understand what´s going on. And this is a great way to learn coding and syntax.
I think the important thing here is a basic understanding of how code works in general.
This is also a great starting point for any programming language, i think.
You´ll get this by time, it doesn´t look like alien language anymore :wink:
Learn how things are working and what you need for your recipe to make something … doing something … step by step, without rushing yourself too hard.
If you start to understand what code is doing, like Simonrazer said, you could just simply look into the great amount of node and .hx example files. This can be much fun, too!

I am myself an artist, but i see the need of knowing. It makes the work with the engineers also much more comfortable, for both :smiley:

Maybe you should think about, what your important first step should be. Since i have the feeling that shaders and mechanics of a game are a bit different :wink:

@mistajuliax Armory uses Haxe for coding. However it’s important dont get hung up on the programming language itself. I’m a software developer myself. I can tell you all programming languages have things in common varibles, functions, classes, ect, ect, ect. Its important to understand the fundamentals first just like you should not try to learn multiplication before learning addition.

I’ve actually been thinking about making a youtube series for people who need to learn programming that is language agnostic. However I haven’t started it yet. Maybe I should…


It could be useful and help some of us who don’t know anything about coding. I’m aware that languages have variables, functins, classes, etc in common. I just need a starting point to begin slowly to learn :slight_smile: