Need help using logic nodes pack

Not sure what is it I am doing wrong…
Extracted the zip file content into the Libraries folder and reloaded Blender
File structure is [ProjectFolder]\Libraries\logic_pack-master\logicnode_definitions
Project opens fine… But whenever I try to add a node (Armory or from logicpack), Blender quits with no Console info.
Using Blender 2.90.1 and ArmorySDK2009.

Thanks in advance.


Does it work fine without logic_pack?

The engine is developed and supported for version 2.83 (wiki)

Armory built-in logic nodes are working fine.
Reverted to Blender 2.83.6, reinstalled Armory. Same problem.

On a new .blend file with only cube and plane (for testing) all nodes (original and packnodes) are added with no crashes…

Thanks for the reply.

I can confirm this behaviour with other custom logic packs as well, opening files with custom nodes sometimes crashes Blender. I’ve tried building Blender last week to get some in-depth information from the VS debugger on where the crash occurs, but the compilation always fails with some linker errors and I still need to find out why.

@JamesHenry If you have a GitHub account could you please open an issue on the Armory repository so that we can better keep track of the bug?

I don’t have a GitHub account.
If you can forward this issue please do so.

Done: Thanks for reporting, hopefully we will find a solution soon. Sometimes it helped me to first open another file with standard nodes only and then open the actual file (which is of course not a solution).

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If it is any use for tracking this bug, I will post some other findings about it.
I duplicated my project scene and deleted all node trees to start from scratch (also removed all Armory Traits from all objects).

Its seems appending an object (with traits) from the bugged project (which was created before installing the logic pack) into the test project brings the bug along.
Only way to add new logic nodes without crashing is to remove the object and its node tree.

While testing with the restarted scene, I was experimenting with combinations of the Lerp Vectors, Vector Mix and Looking At nodes.
When I changed the object to which rotation should be applied, it appears cleaning the project caused Blender to freeze. And the bug was triggered again.

To circumvent the bug, I loaded another project with fewer nodes (only 4 nodes, but one of them is from the logic pack) as suggested and next loaded my test project again.
Back in the test project I could add nodes (standard or pack) without crashing.

On a sidenote: I noticed when I search for Timer Node it shows twice in the list.
Also: the search bar shows 3 “Unknown” nodes and trying to add them results in error.

Thanks for your help.
At least I can sidestep the bug until a solution is found.

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