Need help with spawning objects

Hi I’m new to the forum… and armory 3d really. I was wondering if anyone knew how to spawn an object from an empty with physics. It must be spawned with a rigid body but don’t know how to do that… also can someone maybe send me an example instead of explaining so I can really see how it all works?

(PS; Thank you for extending the game jam for me… wish I heard about it sooner)

Welcome @Blender_Render

I am not sure why you would need an empty object with a rigid body, but here is my solution assuming you don’t want the rigid body to be visible .

A few things to consider: In Armory, a rigid body cannot directly be applied to an empty object, since rigid bodies need dimensions and empty’s don’t have. Also, Blender does not allow an empty to have a rigid body.

Now, as a solution, you can parent a mesh object to an empty and set the mesh to not render. But this mesh can still have rigid body. like so:


In this case, I have applied a cube type rigid body to the mesh object “Cube”.

Once this is done, you can now spawn the “Cube” object in Armory and set it invisible immediately each time. like so:


I have provided a blend file below that shows this example. I have enabled the debug console, so you could see where the spawned "Cube"s and their respective child “Empty” objects are located.

SpawnEmptyWithPhysics.blend (743.5 KB)

Hope this helps.

I may have misunderstood your question. I think you wanted to spawn an object with rigid body, at the location of the empty.

Here is another blend file that does this. Since empties are not visible in Armory3D, I have simply parented a torus. removing the torus will not change the logic.

Simply run the blend file. Use WSADQE keys to move around the empty object(The torus follows) and click spacebar to spawn the object with rigid body.

SpawnEmptyWithPhysics.blend (743.9 KB)


yes, that was what i meant, thank you but I was wondering how to spawn an object like a cube from the position of an empty… So I can move the empty around and the objects will spawn at different positions