Need some high-level instructions on how to run an Armory game on web

My goal is to make a simple game using Armory and deploy it on web and collect some data from people who play it. While the players are playing the game I need to store some data on the server where the code is running. What I need to know is something like some high-level instructions on how I can successfully deploy my web-based game in a server. For instance, I need to know what kind of technologies the server needs to support, what dependencies/packages does the server need to have in order to successfully run my game there and anything else that you guys think I need to know.

To begin, I followed the instructions given here and exported a very simple Armory game that I made in html5 format. Then I copied it to another machine to make sure that it can anywhere, which I could. So does that mean that the exported stuff can run in an standalone manner and I do not need to install any packages on the server?

Assuming that the dependency issues are resolved, is the next step simply to upload these files on a server? I would be shocked if things are that simple!

Do you have your own web-page ? If u have than you can try connecting and putting that HTML5 exported game on server. Or if u don’t have than u might consider putting your game on I don’t know cause i never tried either of it.