New to ArmorPaint, C&C

Hi there,

I’ve just purchased ArmorPaint on and I love it, it’s sooo fast!
I have a question about materials: are they used to set brushes only?
I think it would be absolutely GREAT if I could setup a different material per layer too, so that actually every layer is a procedural material graph… possibly where there is at least one node that stores the painted data.
If such a thing would be possible, it would be like having substance designer and painter in just one product (hey, a man can dream! :smiley: )

Thank you for making such a nice tool,



Hello Mario,

Thank you for kind feedback. You are right, as of now one needs to manually fill the layer with selected material… I would also love to set it up per layer, will do my best to enable it in upcoming build! :stuck_out_tongue:



I’ve almost forgot, is there a way to add a mask to a Layer?
I couldn’t find a way to add a mask, and to set blending modes per channel (color, roughness, ecc.).

Thank you so much!

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