New to Armory. For some weird reason the "Edit script" Button ALWAYS tries to install VS code again

Hello, just installed everything and i am ready to learn, but for some weird reason, everytime i try to click on “Edit script” under Armory Trait, it just tries to re-install VS Codee again. Has anybody had the same problem?


Probably something wrong with your PATH variable. See

Thanks for the quick answer. Maybe it is… i tried to find out where to set this in the Program, but i couldn’t find it… Where do i have to go?

Is it somewhere here in the settings? Haxe doesn’t seem to have a Path Input field like Krom and Kha

You can change in the settings in blender the directory to point to your vs code executable file instead of changing the environment PATH variable. But if you want to modify it anyway you have to do it in your OS settings, not in VS code. You should look a guide on how to do it for your OS.

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