Newest VIsual studio code

I was tired of not getting all the new features in Kode Studio like Extensions ect. But I still wanted the intergration with Armory. So I figured out how to hack the Kode Studio files into the newest version of Visual Studio code. If anyone else is interested in how I did it I can make a writeup or something. let me know.



You don’t need permission to write up how you did something. Write it up!

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Write up a tutorial on how you did this :slight_smile:

There’s no need to pull out files from Kode Studio, just get the Kha extension pack (debugging on macOS is not yet working though because Electron is not unpacked correctly - a tutorial for doing that would be helpful until I manage to fix it).


@jonathanh Just didn’t want to put in the effort if no one would use it :slight_smile: I’ll write it later today.