No dice compiling LINUX (C) target

Does not work, not even the default cube. Up-to-date Manjaro. Started from terminal with make from the makefile folder. What am i missing?

Hi, this looks like some issue with Hashlink, it might make sense to open a bug report on that repository. Is this the whole error message or is there more information above it? Maybe you can paste the whole error message here?

Too long. I packed it in a less intrusive "blend"compilation.txt.blend (309.0 KB) file. Rename to zip and unpack.

I’m not a linux user so it’s difficult for me to guess, but the wiki states that you should use Code::Blocks, maybe the makefile doesn’t work on its own?

Thanks for trying. Just wanted to know, if it already has been solved. Not the most important target. APKs compile fine. Checking out touchscreen support now.