No skybox when using World shader with HDR

Hi, I am trying to follow the tutorial and I am stuck at this point. I am using an Environment Texture with an HDR image instead of a Sky Texture but regardless of what node I use, although I can see it rendered in Cycles or Eeeve, when I run the game, there’s no sky and the background is gray.

What could I be missing? I am running Blender 3.6.7 with Armory SDK 2023.12.0

This is the error I see repeating itself constantly, while the game’s screen is black

Trace: TypeError: Cannot read property 'getFloat32' of undefined
    at Function.setContextConstant (<anonymous>:25138:35)
    at Function.setContextConstants (<anonymous>:24251:26)
    at iron_RenderPath.drawSkydome (<anonymous>:10505:24)
    at Function.commands (<anonymous>:1571:46)
    at iron_RenderPath.armory_renderpath_RenderPathCreator.path.commands (<anonymous>:1650:41)
    at iron_RenderPath.renderFrame (<anonymous>:10240:8)
    at iron_object_CameraObject.renderFrame (<anonymous>:20263:26)
    at iron_Scene.renderFrame (<anonymous>:11155:16)
    at render (<anonymous>:10078:21)
    at Function.render (<anonymous>:31661:4)

It doesn’t happen when using a Sky Texture node

Use another small HDR file and try again. If that does not work, please upload the blend. Max 4MB, if somewhat bigger you can zip it and rename it to blend. We are willing to answer questions, but our only crystal ball is booked out over christmas.

Hi, sorry for late reply. Looks like I forgot to set the scene or the camera and that was the cause of the problem