notifyOnRender2D() only is called when the mouse move above the window


I’ve been playing with the script 2d example and noticed that the Zui is just updated while the mouse is moving above the window. Is there some way to make it update all the time? The debug console is updated all the time if i am correctly, but i couldn’t see the reason why :confused: Also it needs a lot of workarounds regarding keyboard inputs (impossible to use started() and released() in that update because of sync)

Also do anyone know if there is some way to make the UI listen to keyboard inputs? (like selecting buttons using the keyboard arrows). This question also goes for Koui and Canvas.

Edit: I found the problem. I was trying to update the value inside the ui.window() scope that is why the value was updating only after moving the mouse above the window :grinning: Also there is convenient a variable in the Zui.hx called alwaysRedraw, just need to set it to true when needed and return to false later.