OBJ-viewer with Armory 3D? Possible?

Quick question: If I want an OBJ-file in my game, I simply import the file with blender and then compile my game with this object. But now - I would like to do it the reverse way: Firstable compile my game with an empty platform and then import an obj-file in real-time on top of that platform? Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

Sort of like 3d model viewer app?

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Exactly :slight_smile: That’s what I mean.

I think you will have to do alot, you will have to see how to use obj files data and add mesh with that data. Though it might also take a lot less work, i dont know. You might have to ask @lubos, i will try to dig in and tell you how to do it. Sorry, could not really help much.

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Big thanks for your quick assessment. I think so too. I tought maybe there could be an “import object”-node or something like that. But as you said, even for lubos it’s probably not that easy to implement this in the back-end. But in general this could be a cool feature, I think.

@lubos - Do you see any chance of realizing this gadget in Armory 3D?

Yeah that would be cool. Maybe try to see how armorpaint import object Armorpaint-Github.It could help you

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Armorpaint very good point - I think this is the solution of the problem! :+1:t3:

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