Object motion blur

Is there a way to get object motion blur work with object particles ? I tiried in 0.6 git version and 0.6beta itchio, i can’t get this work. I think there is no motion blur example in git repository.

I don’t think there is motion blur for object, but there is motion blur for camera(Motion blur is in compositor)

Yes, i’m aware of this, but we can set motion blut to object, camera and off … may be it’s in UI but not supported yet

There’s basically two types of motion blur. What the Armory calls object blur, which is different from what you are asking. It’s basically going through and calculating blur for every single object in the scene to do it the most correct (but CPU expensive) way. You need this if you have fast moving objects in the scene (such as your particles), but it’s taxing on the system.

The second type of motion blur is camera motion blur, which basically assumes that only the camera is moving and fakes the blur everything based on the camera’s movement. This is fine if the only thing moving quickly is the camera. It’s much faster, but won’t blur moving objects.

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