Objects or particle system for foliage?

Well, that seems to work ,but I wouldn’t think that would be the best way for lots of grass on a big map. I wonder the reason for the “hair.blend” example?

The modifier to make it real object works. It’s a way to quickly distribute grass with vertex groups, it’s good for small level games or grass on some places only.

For other people wanting to go big about terrain system and performance and tools, they must wait or use something else.

There is a way to use particles in an efficient way , but this needs a specific terrain mesh shader.

This is how it was done in Gofot 3 engine :


I son’t know if Armory will have it’s own vegetation system or if it will use particle shader.

There is a new default scatter addon currently developed for Blender 2.8 for scattering somewhat efficiently. It takes local data as dupli and gives world data for transformation.


This could be useful to create seamless textures if it could scatter seamless, and bake to a power 2 texture.

It works!
just use the particle system to spawn grass and duplicate the ground mesh then it’ll work.

As I was trying to generate foliage with particle system at the beginning, I too encountered with the same problem that grass were spawned but the mesh of ground won’t show, I tried to make those spawned grass “real” as well and it sure take up much more data containing to render foliage.
As a result, I went back to the dynamic way, grew some grass with particle system and duplicate the original ground mesh without particle modifier to make it render-able ,with weight paint grass distributes respectively to painted area, Armory just smoothly work them out.
My English texting is poor that I have to edit this several times…