Online product configurator using Armory?

Hi. I just bought my licence of Armory to support this project.

I need to know it is possible to use Armory as an Online product configurator?

Some examples:


Armory as “complete authoring tool for real-time content” can be used for web projects too.
But because online configurator could be a complex project beside the front-end solution you should build the back-end solution ( to manage the database ).

But be aware that if you need some specific function to build an online configurator you should develop it ( no ready template for example or database management ).

Thanks for the support @alexaser!

Like Andrea says, it also depends on your backend solution. Once that is ready I could assist you in hooking Armory onto it if needed. (plus can document the process along the way.)

If you want to build configurator of predefined items / colors (so it’s all packed in the app itself), then that should be quite easy. You would be just changing materials and possibly mesh data of included scene objects (this will be doable straight from logic nodes in build 10).

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