OnUpdate node output to pulse

How can i make from continuous output to pulses output with specify delay between pulses?

If i am getting your question right,
You can add an on init node and then a timer node and the output of the timer node should be delayed by the time you set.

Hi @QuantumCoderQC. My English is poor. I don’t know if I can explain. I gave OnUpdate as an example. I mean all the nodes that have an output as “Down Keyboard”, “Overlap Volume Trigger” and smiliar. This outputs return uninterrupted True while they are active. Not like a “Start/Release Keyboard” or “Enter/Leave” that only return spot True. I wanted the output to return something like a pwm signal. But I figured it unnecessary. I wanted to use it on the loop node, but loop node return every from/to integrer at once. I describing what I require. I want the float value to gradualy increase, while holding the keyboard.

Maybe something like this might help…

The increment happens 60 times every second since the node tree-trait runs 60 times a second.

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